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The Teaching Service Commission together from the Constitution of Zambia amendment 2 of 2016 and the Service Commissions Act No. 10 of 2016

The Teaching Service Commission is an employer for all public Service Teachers while the Teaching Council of Zambia is a body established for the regulation of Teachers, their practice, Professional conduct and also provides for the accreditation of all colleges of Education.

The TSC appreciates efforts made by the Teachers to upgrade themselves academically. Upgrading of salary Scales will only be done where there is a vacant and funded PMEC position.

Transfers are not a punitive tool. The are meant to balance up staff so that there is fairness and equitable distribution of Teachers Country wide.

Where there is no authority, the officer is not eligible to receive such an allowance. Acting allowance for staff in the Teaching Service is only paid when authority has been granted by the Commission.

This means that the teacher’s conduct will now be regulated by a Code of Ethics and other such documents read together with the Code both at work places and outside work places.

Early Retirement – 50 years / Normal Retirement – 60 / Late Retirement – 65

With reference to the Terms and Conditions of Service,’A Service Commission may require an Officer to retire in national interest at the instance of Governemt either to take up another appointment outside the Public Service or for other reasons of Government Policy. Retirement in the Public Interest is given on the following reasons: Failure by an officer to perform duties, incompetent performance of an officer’s duties and an offence under the disciplinary code.

Attachment is the placement of an officer from the Public Service Organisation to a non-Public Service Organisation, but the officer still remains on the Government payroll.

Secondment is the appointment or placement of an officer from a Public Service Organisation to a non-Public Service Organisation in which the Zambian Government has interest for a specified period. During the period of secondment, the officer is terminated from the government payroll.

The Commission was still consulting with stakeholders (MOGE, PSMD) so that the Challenge is addressed.

The officer should be on the Training Plan and they should have served a minimum of two years

District Education Board Secretaries to institute appropriate disciplinary measures instead of locking of salaries