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“A credible teaching service for quality education.”


“To manage human resource in the teaching service for quality education”

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center;”>Core Values

Impartiality, Confidentiality, Transparency, Integrity, Selflessness and Accountability.



Welcome to the Teaching Service Commission Website. This Website is designed to be an invaluable and always available resource for information on the operations of the Commission to the teachers, stakeholders and the general public. Feel free to engage with the Commission on various matters affecting the Teaching Service.

About Us

The Teaching Service Commission was established in January, 1953 as a product of African Nationalism when African Politicians and African Labour leaders in the then Northern Rhodesia demanded for rights from the Colonial Government. It was initially placed under the wings of the white dominated Civil Service Commission

High quality teaching service and,
effective and efficient service delivery


In undertaking its mandate, the TSC performs the following functions as outlined in the Service Commissions Act No. 10 of 2016:


  1. Second, re-grade, transfer and separate employees in the Teaching Service;
  2. Facilitate the transfer of employees across the Service

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  3. Transfer employees from one Government institution to another Government institution in the Teaching Service;
  4. Authorise the withholding, reduction, deferment or suspension of salary of employees in the Teaching Service Commission;
  5. Hear and determine complaints and appeals from employees whose cases have been determined by Government institutions within the Teaching Service Commission;

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the difference between the TSC and the TCZ?
    2. What is the TSC doing about Salary Scale Upgrading?
    3. Does the Commission consider transfers to be a critical Human Resource Management tool?
    4. Is an officer acting on local arrangement eligible to recieve acting allowance?
    5. What does the recognition of Teaching as a Profession mean to the Teaching Service?