Corporate Services Section

To support the operations of the Teaching Service Commission, it is recommended that a Cooperate Services Section be created. The Section will be responsible for providing, human, logistical and administrative support services to the Commission.

The Section shall be responsible for the following specific functions:-

  1. Manage the internal affairs of the Teaching Service Commission in order to enhance operations and facilitate the achievement of the Commission’s objectives
  2. Instituionalise the Performance Management Systems (PMS) in the Teaching Service Commission in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the management of human resources and delivering of services.
  • Institutionalize the gender policy in recruitment, selection, placement and promotion of staff in order to ensure gender equity in the Teaching Service Commission.
  1. Ensuring focused training and skills development for the human resource cadre in the Teaching Service Commission in order to keep them abreast with modern human resource management and development practices and procedures
  2. Providing security to the premises and other Government property in order to promote a safe work environment.
  3. Management of offices and general maintenance of buildings and surroundings to promote a conducive work environment;
  • Management of registry services to ensure updated records for efficient decision making;
  • Management of office equipment and stores to facilitate effective operations of the Teaching Service; and
  1. Management of transport to facilitate operations.