Human Resource Management Services

The Human Resource Management section will be responsible for the management and development of Human Resources in order to enhance performance and operations of the Teaching Service.

In order to effectively execute its role, the section will perform the following specific functions:-

  1. Undertake human resources planning and monitor and evaluate its utilization in order to ensure quality service delivery in the Teaching Service;
  2. Maintain a comprehensive human resource data base and records management systems on the Teaching Service for effective human resource planning and information management;
  • Process cases for recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, secondment, transfer, regrading, discipline and separating of officers at and above the level of Lecturer at the Teacher Colleges and their equivalent in order to ensure quality service delivery in the Teaching Service;
  1. Coordinate the transfer of employees from the Teaching Service to another Government Institution within the Public Service in order to ensure orderly deployment and facilitate Establishment Control and Payroll Management;
  2. Institutionalize Performance Management Systems (PMS) in the Teaching Service in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the management of human resources and delivery of services;
  3. Institutionalize the gender policy in recruitment, selection, placement and promotion of staff in order to ensure gender equity; and
  • Ensure focused training and skills development for the human resource cadre in the Teaching Service in order to keep them abreast with modern human resource management and development practices and procedures.