Twenty- Three Teachers Reinstated

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC), wishes to inform the General Public that it has reinstated twenty-three (23) dismissed teachers who prior to their dismissal had served the government for twenty years and more. The Commission arrived at this decision after it sought legal opinion from the Attorney General who advised that it was within the Commission’s powers to either reinstate the teachers or not. These teachers and their unions had appealed to the Commission pursuant to Section 10 (1) (e) of the Service Commission’s Act No. 10 of 2016 for reinstatement following the number of years they had served the government. The teachers were among the 323 who were dismissed for fraud from the Public Service following the submission of fraudulent professional and academic qualifications to the Teaching Council of Zambia during teacher registration.
The General Public may wish to note that prior to teacher registration in 2016, some teachers fell prey to fake information that was trending on the social media that the Teaching Council of Zambia was NOT going to register teachers who had less than five (5) credits which information was INCORRECT as the Council registered teachers with less than five (5) credits since they met the prevailing employment criteria during their time.
In ensuring quality assurance, the Teaching Council of Zambia provides an opportunity to reassess the applicant’s qualifications pursuant to Gazette No. 1203 of 2019 on Teacher Registration Guidelines, which stipulates that any applicant who presents documents proven by the respective awarding bodies to be fraudulent, may reapply after being barred from reapplying for a period of not less than three years.
It is in view of the foregoing that the Commission wishes to assure the General Public that it will not compromise on the quality of education being offered by its teachers to the learners on account of not meeting the minimum qualifications. The Commission retaliates its earlier appeal to all teachers NOT to rely on the social media but to always verify information with relevant authorities.
The affected teachers are therefore, requested to report to the Teaching Service Commission with immediate effect with their ORIGINAL academic and professional qualifications, copies of their appointment and dismissal letters.
Issued by:
Jane Mbambara Muntali (Mrs.)